About Us — Our Mission

iMerciv is dedicated to improving the confidence, the independence and overall quality of life for those living with vision loss.

What We Do

iMerciv caters to the orientation & mobility needs of blind, deaf-blind and visually impaired communities around the globe. We strive to empower people living with vision loss through new wearable assistive technology. iMerciv is based in Toronto, Canada and was founded in August of 2014 in order to change the game for those living with vision loss all over the world.

Why We Do It

Vision Loss is an important and growing issue to iMerciv co-founders, Arjun Mali and Bin Liu. Bin's father is currently living with inoperable glaucoma and we want to provide him with a functional and effective solution for when he loses more vision in the future. Arjun’s family has supported a blind school and orphanage in India for decades. The images above and below show blind students from the ‘Janta Adarsh Andh Vidyalaya’ orphanage in New Delhi.

Arjun Mali at the home for blind orphans

This was where most of the early testing occurred for the first BuzzClip and we intend to supply this often overlooked and neglected population with an affordable mobility tool that can drastically change their overall quality of life.

Due to the founders’ personal involvement with the community and after hearing about many of the challenges and hardships that comes with vision loss, the pair decided to create solutions that would greatly improve day-to-day life for someone who is blind, deaf-blind or partially sighted.

Our goal is to make a long lasting impact to communities living with blindness or significant loss of vision and empower them through new disruptive technology to lead a more confident and independent life.

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