How to Zoom Text in Your Browser

On a Mac

Zoom In: command +

command + to Zoom In on a mac

Zoom Out: command -

command - to Zoom Out on a mac

Restore to Default View: command 0

command 0 to Restore to Default View on a mac

On a Windows PC

Zoom In: control +

control + to Zoom in on a Windows PC

Zoom Out: control -

control - to Zoom out on a Windows PC

Restore to Default View: control 0

control 0 to Restore to Default View on a Windows PC

The default font size for most websites is 12-13 pixels. Unless you’re sitting 12 inches from your screen, you likely have to squint to read text that size. The optimal font size for the average viewing distance (23-28 inches from the screen) is 16 pixels, which also happens to be the default font size for modern web browsers. What you may not realize, is that you can zoom any page to your desired reading size. It’s very simple, and all browsers share the same set of shortcuts.

Shortcuts might not be your thing. If this is case, the zoom settings are usually found in the View menu.

Thank you to Matt Brett

Matt Brett put this together. He was inspired by Smashing Magazine’s “16 PIXELS For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake“.